I have dedicated this website to my insignificant life in the hope that it will remain long after my demise! Maybe someone in the future will find the content of interest?

We come into this life with nothing. We struggle through the pains of adolescence, we set ourselves aims and ambitions in adult life, we strive for happiness whatever we comprehend that to be. As we move towards old age we reflect on the highs and lows, our achievements, misfortunes and our impossible dreams! We end this life as we came into it - with nothing!


My autobiography is my story through life which I will continue to compile untill I am unable to do so.
It will not be published on here untill it is complete or after my death which ever the sooner.
I will continue to add to the Photo Gallery and events which are prominent in my story.
Sadly Kila crossed the rainbow bridge on June 28th 2022 - She is Greatly missed!

Meet 'Honey' A beautiful Golden Retriever and my new soulmate!
Born 20-05-2022

Nobody cares about anything anymore
People can be so cruel, selfish & obnoxious
Compassion is lost forever
Respect no longer exits
Total lack of moral values

Our world -

Has escalating poverty & terrorism. Humanity is reaching critical
mass with uncertainty of wars. Disrespect is born of class & age divide.

Our world -

Is now so constrained by politics, bureaucracy & religion with egotistic
attitudes being driven by power & money.

Our world -

Is now being exhausted of its energy resources making survival
increasingly more difficult. The earth is degenerating.

Our world -

Is needlessly wasting Billions on defence & wars which could be better
utilised in healing the world! But I fear it is too late!

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but those
who watch them without doing anything."

Albert Einstein

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